Alternative Exports provides real purchasing solutions for the company that wishes to outsource products and/or services from the United States. You can reduce your cost of operations by allowing us to adapt and apply our proven purchasing processes to your business.

Our purchasing systems are flexible enough to be applied to any industry, yet detailed enough to give you the control needed to manage your business. We will manage and maintain vendor contracts and transactions so you don't have to. We will provide solutions including but not limited to:

  • Communication with vendors to expedite shipments.
  • Detailed written quotations for all requests.
  • Issuing of all vendor purchase orders.
  • Multi-level tracking and confirmation on all purchase orders.
  • Handling all necessary returns and credits.
  • Receiving and checking shipments for accuracy.
  • Consolidating manufacturer packaging to reduce weight and volume.
  • Preparation of items to withstand an international shipment.
  • Consolidated billing and invoicing.


Give us the opportunity to find your difficult, hard-to-find items, and weekly disposables.

Alternative Exports is very proud of our ability to supply products from over 4500 manufacturers and distributors. Our extensive database and network of manufacturers and distributors allow us numerous resources for price comparisons and gathering product information. We often gather information from one channel but make the purchase through another in order to reduce costs and save you money. Our team is very, very good at finding the right product at the right price.