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Please provide us with as much information as possible when making your quote request. Information that helps us may include:

Model #
Intended Use of the Product
If you require a part for a piece of equipment, try to provide the Model # and Serial # of that item.  We like to get things right the first time.

Call, send an email or fax, or submit this Quote Request Form to begin the process.

All quotes are provided in writing and indicate exact costs (in USD) to you. Depending on how you conduct business, we can provide your quote with any number of Delivery Terms and options.

After receiving your quote request and decide to proceed with the order, feel free to call us, send an email or fax that purchase order to us.


Please use any of the following methods to easily and conveniently place your order with Alternative Exports!

Our fax number is 407-788-5373. When calling or faxing from outside of the United States you must add 001, the US country code, as a prefix to the fax number. You may use our order form or your own purchase order.
Our telephone number is 407-788-5300. When calling or faxing from outside of the United States you must add 001, the US country code, as a prefix to the telephone number. Fill out our order form in advance as a reminder to all information that will be required to accurately fulfill your order. To ensure accuracy we request your order in writing for special order items, custom orders or imprinted items.
If it is your first time ordering from us you may email your order to If you have an assigned account representative, his or her email address is (first name)


New Orders: Must be paid in advance via wire transfer to our bank. We’ll provide you with those details after we receive your first purchase order.

Terms: Credit is offered to clients that have successfully completed the Credit Application process. Allow ten (10) business days for the application process.

Open Accounts: All bills are due and payable in USD at our offices by the date established (i.e. Net 15 or Net 30). There is no finance charge on open accounts which are paid on time. Overdue accounts are assessed a 1.5% per month service charge on the total invoice amount back to the date of billing.

Missed Payments: If the buyer fails to make proper payment for any reason, we may cancel or hold any unshipped goods and the buyer will remain liable for all unpaid accounts. Buyer is also responsible for all collection costs, court costs and attorney fees.

Returned Checks: Alternative Exports will assess a $30 charge on all returned checks.


Dedicated account representatives establish shipping plans according to the specific needs of their clients.

Because we move such a large quantity of freight on an ongoing basis, we are able to negotiate low shipping rates on your behalf. No matter how your shipment must travel, ground, air, sea, rest assured that you are getting the best rates possible for moving your products through Alternative Exports.

Customers are responsible for paying the costs of all shipping and handling of their merchandise ordered. Quotes are ex-works the factory of origin and do not include inland shipping charges unless otherwise indicated.

Risk of Loss: In the event of any loss or damage, please notify us immediately and we will do everything possible to help you in processing your claim. Most shipping and freight companies require a claim be made in writing within fifteen (15) calendar days after receipt of shipment. We suggest that you take the following measures to ensure your claim is valid:

  • Inspect packages upon receipt and note on the freight bill any damage observed.
  • Keep the original Bill of Lading, signed by the carrier, noting the damage to your items.
  • Take digital photographs of the damaged items.

Refer to the table below to better understand the INCO terms you'll find on your quotations.