IPEX – Double Containment Piping Systems

Certain environment demand fail-safe systems.  No leaks. No risk. The professional at IPEX understand the complexity of design and installation for demanding double containment application.  And, unlike other manufacturers of double containment systems, our specialist are part of a division of IPEX dedicated solely to the design, production and installation of state-of-the-art double containment systems. 

IPEX offers an extremely wide array of materials and sizes.  You can specify virtually any piping material to create a system that contain whatever corrosive or hazardous substance your application handles.  If you don’t see what you need listed here, call us! 


*A specialized and dedicated division dealing exclusively with double containment.

*The ability to manufacture double containment components in-house.

*A variety of materials including thermoplastics, thermosets, metallic and dissimilar systems.

*Both drainage and pressure systems.

*A patented system with 40-60% FEWER JOINTS than conventional systems.

*Electronic low point as well as cable leak detection systems.


IPEX - Encase™ Double Containment Piping System


*Pipe and fittings constructed of Schedule 40 polypropylene join by the Enfusion method

*Suitable for laboratory and chemical-waste drainage installations

*Wide temperature range

*Expansion anchor plates installed on each fitting and pipe length to control expansion

*Factory fabricated components; on-site fusion of coupling to pipe and fittings

*Same material inside and out eliminates differential expansion problems and maintains identical chemical resistance for the entire piping system.


Asahi/America – Duo-Pro®

Double Containment Piping System

Duo-Pro® offers maximum versatility to meet the unique requirements of each individual application.  The mix and match feature allows system designers to specify pipe material and rating based on media pressure changes throughout an entire system.  Duo-Pro systems are shipped fully fabricated and ready for installation from component pieces or can be shipped as factory prefabricated spools, welded by trained professionals. 


*Available in PP, PVDG and E-CTFE

*Available in 150 psi or 45 psi polypropylene and 150 psi or 230 PVDG-mixed to suit your application

*Can be assembled using simultaneous butt or staggered butt fusion

*Leak detection cable can be easily installed 


Asahi/America – Poly Flo®

Double Containment Piping System

Poly-Flo’s® unique unitary construction save time and labor on each project.  Low cost and easy installation makes Poly-Flo® the ideal system for drainage systems, pressurized transfer line and industrial applications needing up to 4” carrier pipe. 


*Solves challenging design criteria in both pressure and drainage applications

*Carrier and containment pipe are fittings are extruded or molded as one piece

*Standard pipe and fittings are manufactured in PP advanced PE (polyethylene) also available

*Pipe sold in 16.4” lengths


Double Containment Piping System

Chem Prolok™ is a fabricated containment piping system that is ideal for sodium hypochlorite applications.  Fabricated from our Chem Proline® Advanced Polyethylene.  It is a cost effective piping solution for sodium hypochlorite, sulfuric and hydrochloric applications.